I am Kimmy Baker, welcome to my world!

Welcome to my website!

Hey guys,

My name is Kimmy Baker. I am an IB High School Graduate. I work hard at overcoming any obstacle that life throws at me. Singing has always been a great love of mine. When I sing, I feel like I can express myself without loosing control of my emotions.

Because of the fact that I love singing, I decided to put it to a good use. I started the project "Songs for a Cause."
What is that? Well, I record a song and produce a music video dedicating it to a certain cause I would like to create awareness about. My music videos will be posted and marketed on YouTube and here on my own website.

The project I am working on right now is dedicated to SPARCC Sarasota, an organization who offers help for women who suffer from domestic violence. Some sponsors are needed to to cover license fees and video production. Proceeds from my sponsorships go directly to SPARCC.

To learn more about Song 4 a Cause